RAL Concept

RAL Concept has been created with the purpose to share Marketing information about energy consumer products. The idea is to understand the concept, the potential and the future from a business point of view.

1. Share information about energy solutions
2. Propose and exchange ideas and business concepts
3. Support interest groups and individuals

RAL Concept offers consultancy services for innovative energy solutions around; electromobility (EV), Storage (EES), Solar (PV) and Smart Energies.
1. Consult: Product/Portfolio analysis and business plan (including Business Case) realisation
2. Propose: Market strategies, concepts and product design
3. Execute: Development from a concept to the market rollout

RAL Concept follows a vision of connected homes and companies equipped with Photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce energy, electrical energy storage (EES) to keep this energy and use it when needed for smart electric vehicle (EV).

This concept was founded by Richard Albrecht in January 2017.